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5 Simple bathroom updates for maximum relaxation

April 4, 2021

I can often be found in the garage working on my next DIY project or creating with my kids and husband who are a daily inspiration and the "why" behind what I do. An avid baker, I am often making a new bread recipe, baking homemade cinnamon rolls, or desperately trying to drink the rest of my coffee while it's hot. My mission? To help others create and cultivate a home that they love!

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Do you have a bathroom that’s builder-grade (meaning the standard item used by the builder) or fixtures in your bathroom that just make you say “ehhh…I’m not loving this”? I know I do. There’s a recurring theme in the existing fixtures of our home and that’s: BROWN.

Now, don’t get me wrong, brown is just fine if you love it and having it in your home makes you happy. However, if it’s not your jam – switch it up! The same applies if you have a recurring color theme that doesn’t appeal to you.

There are several ways to go about this process to achieve an updated look whether your budget is $50, or more than $500. Let me show you how!

I measured our existing vanity to get an idea of what I was starting with. I’ve been really wanting to update our bathroom since we moved in a few years ago. We had such a large expense right upon moving in, that it’s taken a while to get to it. I know I’d like to redo the shower as well, but I think that the plumbing is joined with our adjacent hall bathroom which sort of complicates things.

For now, I’d love to refresh the floor with something not so dark and gloomy (and cheap) in favor of something more fresh and modern that cultivates a healthy mindset and a welcome reprieve from a very active lifestyle. Let’s face it, as a parent of two toddlers that hit the ground running every morning, we have a lot going on, and sometimes that precious shower time is the most relaxing part of our respective days.

What I have in mind for the bathroom is a relaxed and almost outdoorsy feel. I want to bring in more light with a fresh coat of paint, a nature-inspired tile, and a new vanity that is easier to keep organized and works well in the tight space of the bathroom. A beautiful Turkish-inspired rug would be like the cherry on top!

The Plan

I’m a visual presentation person, so here’s my visual plan for the bathroom update:

The Action

Are you ready? This plan is going to be one that takes place in parts. We’re talking multiple moving parts and multiple projects being completed at the same time. However, this is the perfect instance to do this. Why? We have several pieces that can move independently and without depending on another step to be completed.

For instance, the flooring update is separate from the wall texture and color update, and the accessories and finishes will be added after the wall has been repaired and the new flooring placed. Sound like a lot? You’re not wrong.

That’s why I’m going to break this up into segments. I’ll share my updates and progress each week (or two) since I have another top-secret project happing right now too.

The Results (TBD)

This is how we (are going to do) it
We’re planning to change (5) things:

  • the bath mat (hello pop of color!)

  • the sink faucet

  • the towel wall storage

  • vanity mirror

  • additional storage



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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this process! Let me know in the comments below – I read and reply to them all.

xo, Catherine

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